Baby Walkers, Jumper Swings and Development


Identifying Sources of Spinal Stress in Children


How safe are jumper swings and baby walkers for your baby? If a baby isn't sitting upright unsupported yet, the joints of his spine are not ready to be weight bearing, let alone ready to withstand compression forces from jumping. The hips and growth plates are not fully developed enough to withstand the gravitational forces of the jump. In addition, the lumbar spine has not yet developed its curve yet, which develops when the child learns to stand and walk (unassisted). The lumbar curve provides shock absorption for these stresses. In addition, when the child is unstable on standing on their own, when they are placed in one of these devices, their bodies will typically wobble unsteadily at the lumbar spine causing excessive stress in the low back, increasing the risk for developing spondylolisthesis of the lumbar vertebrae. 



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