Chronic Back Pain

I had chronic back pain for years and looked for relief from Chiropractic and Medical doctors, to which I was given pain pills or adjustments that didn’t work. 

One day, while I was taking a gym class, I was favoring my back and my instructor gave me the name of a different Chiropractor….Dr. Hilary Taglio. Now, my luck with Chiropractic wasn’t very rewarding, but I was given a promo card and I thought I didn’t have anything to lose.

I was very impressed in her professionalism and total concern about my pain. She took X-rays and I got to examine them right along with her. Her processes were fascinating while she studied my X-rays.

At first she had me come in three times a week, which only lasted for a couple of weeks. As her adjustments her,  I only came in every few weeks for a checkup. Now, I am pain free and I enjoy my love of travel without a constant backache.

I highly recommend Dr. Hilary for all who live with pain and have not found relief. 

-Linda G.