Crippling Eczema

Terry's  Story...

For nearly 2 years, I suffered with eczema on my fingers. The skin on my fingertips and joints would thicken, crack and peel. The new skin that was exposed was very tender and already showed signs of inflexibility, which would worsen until it thickened, cracked and peeled once again. This was the cycle I lived with constantly for many months. 

The skin in these areas was not producing oil, so I relied on various natural treatments to keep my skin from drying out completely. Even so, just extending my index finger could cause the skin over a joint to crack open and bleed. Touching things with my fingertips would feel like I was touching fire. It was very painful.

During this time, I couldn’t bear to get my hands wet. Carrying things was difficult, and handling paper was excruciating. I could get a paper cut just by reaching into the mailbox to retrieve a letter.
The situation was almost unbearable.

I consulted my doctor twice. His first solution was a topical steroid, which worked for a little while but resulted in thinning the skin, and as soon as I stopped using it, the eczema came back with a vengeance, only this time with thinner, more fragile skin. His second proposal was a biologic treatment that I wouldn’t even consider – the possible side-effects were unacceptable to me.

So then, after about 20 months of suffering, I learned about Dr. Taglio's cellular detox program from a family member who was considering trying it. After doing a little research, I decided to try it, too.    

During the initial visit, Dr. Taglio set me up with supplements and spent a long, informative session explaining the program and baseline testing me for toxins and inflammation in my body. She also recommended a ketogenic diet for me that would help lower my inflammation and immune system response. 

Within the first week, I noticed a difference in my fingers. The cycle of skin thickening, cracking and peeling was still happening, but it slowed down. I started noticing small areas where the skin appeared to be healing. By the end of the first month, the skin on three fingers was nearly healed, the eczema cycle slowed or completely stopped. I still couldn’t immerse my hands in water or reach into the mailbox without flinching, but the situation was definitely improving! I also lost a few pounds, possibly because of the ketogenic diet.

The second month, all but my two thumbs were completely healed, and even my thumbs were vastly improved. I was not having to apply lotion all the time, because the skin was starting to produce oils again.

The only downside during the second and third months of the detox was the headaches. These were probably due to the toxins being released by the detoxification process. Dr. Taglio helped me to customize the program to minimize these symptoms, and I was able to tolerate what discomfort remained. Considering the improvement to my fingers, headaches were a problem I could bear for a short time.

At some point during the third month, I suddenly realized I had stopped worrying about my hands. One day, I was merrily washing dishes and scrubbing the sink when I realized what I was doing! I hadn’t even thought about putting on gloves or padding my fingers with gauze as I had in the past. My fingers were smooth, the skin resilient and unphased by hot water, dish soap and sharp edges.

The program ended after 90 days, but I have stayed on the support supplements and the ketogenic, organic, grass-fed, raw dairy diet. When I stray from the diet (as I did during the Christmas holiday just after the detox had ended), I started to notice some dry patches on a couple of fingers. So I know I’m not out of the woods yet and must stay vigilant. I plan to have another round of the Brain Phase (just a 30-day detox) in a month or so. In addition, 

I believe the cellular detox program turned my eczema problem around and gave me back my life.

I am very grateful to Dr. Taglio for her knowledge, encouragement, kindness and positive spirit.