Low Back Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

" I was preparing to have carpal tunnel surgery due to severe pain in both of my hands and wrists. I also had extreme lower back pain with gait disturbance. I tried exercises and wearing splints on my wrists. Then I was referred to Dr. Taglio by a Fitness Trainer. Dr. Taglio did the most complete physical exam I've ever had, took a full history, complete x rays and treated me according to what she discovered. She also treated me nutritionally. Since being under Dr. Taglio's care, I have had less back problems, so I require less pain medication and have been able to increase my activities outside the home. I was also able to avoid carpal tunnel surgery and am now able to enjoy gardening, get a better night's sleep due to not having numbness in my hands and I am also able to do some sewing and knitting which I could not do before. If I could give words of encouragement to others, I would say to try to avoid surgery if you have pain or discomfort and try to find a Doctor like Dr. Taglio who will look at you as a whole and treat you accordingly. This was the first doctor who treated me beyond my physical problems and advised me in nutrition and rehabilitation for my condition. - Lucy S.