Low Back Pain/Difficulty Walking
I have known Dr. Taglio for nearly 20 years and only recently did I take it upon myself to call and ask whether she might be able to check out a back injury that I received during a ski trip. She went out of her way to check me out, even though she was leaving on a medical missions trip to Guatemala the very next morning. When I arrived, the pain was so bad that I could barely walk and I had to lay down. After this initial adjustment, the pain began to dissipate and it was obvious that she knew right where to do the adjustment.The next day, it felt even better and by the end of the week I could walk straight again with no pain! 
Dr. Taglio will do the same for you. Trust her to locate the source of the problem rapidly, with the unique Gonstead method that she has been trained in. She will educate you in all matters of wholistic health, including your toxicity levels and natural healing techniques that work much better than standard medicine. Dr. Taglio also takes her skills to third world countries where they do not have access to healing methods like these. She is truly passionate about what she does and  improving all aspects of health in her clients.  -Clark A.