Migraines, Nausea and Vertigo

Dr. Hilary has performed miracles for our family. Like most of us, we sought out medical help with a few serious injuries. And while surgeons and doctors can do amazing things to repair our bodies when needed, our injuries were not the type that a doctor could see, such as a broken leg, or a failed heart valve. We are grateful for the compassionate doctors and nurses who attempted tirelessly to help us find and resolve our health issues. Unfortunately, we found no answers, not even short term.

Dr. Hilary worked patiently with determination and a step by step prognosis, reaction/action result treatment that resulted in finding an issue with my son's atlas bone that was causing all his pain, all his nausea and dizziness, and all his drowsiness. CT scans, MRI, and meds were unable to provide any answers and solutions, yet Hilary's hard work and thoughtful process resulted in our son experiencing normalcy again.

Now, i would not be fair to the readers of this review to make this sound as if my son has been completely healed of his injuries. He still needs to be adjusted on a regular basis as his body and spine are still in the process of healing, and have been for a couple of years now. I do want to make it clear that because of Hilary's work, we have seen and experienced amazing progress and are thrilled to see the continued progress in our son's health.

Do not let things get to the point that we did in that we went to Dr. Hilary way too far along in our search for solutions to my son's physical issues. He missed nearly half of his sophomore, junior, and senior years in high school while we sought out traditional medical attention.

Dr. Hilary's first and primary concern is your health and well being. She is not about creating a brand for herself. Although, with the great work that she is doing, and because her focus is on the patient, I have a feeling that Hilary will be making a big impact in our community with those who truly need help and are ready to improve their health.

Dr. Hilary has guided us down a new path on how to take care of our bodies through exercise, better nutrition, and better lifestyle choices.

We cannot thank her enough.  Todd H.