Pregnancy Care

Being pregnant, all I dreamed of was having a NATURAL childbirth. My heart was set on it. However, there were certain things that worried me. One of them being the fact that I had previously suffered from severe sciatica, and wanted to make sure it did not return during my pregnancy as many women often expressed and complained about this happening. Secondly, I was afraid of back labor. I had heard horror stories about the excruciating pain and discomfort that back labor alone caused. Coming to Dr. Taglio, I knew my priorities were her priorities. She wanted my natural birth for me, for all of the same reasons. She understood my concerns and was always very thorough in addressing all of my needs and answering all of my questions. When my sciatic pain began to surface again, she was very proactive in keeping it taken care of so that it did not get out of hand and cause me severe discomfort. She also had resources for me about back labor, which I would have never found otherwise. All of the help and advice she gave genuinely helped to prepare me for the joy and hard work birthing is. I am happy to share that I  had my totally natural, perfect birth, and believe that my regular chiropractic care and the amazing work of Dr. Hilary played a huge role in that. I am so thankful I knew about the benefits of Chiropractic care before becoming pregnant, so that I could prioritize this care during the months (even days!) leading up to my son’s birth. Thank you, Taglio Chiropractic, for your heart, detailed care and genuine love for your patients!