Pre/Postnatal Care and Chronic Headache Relief

Dr. Taglio is wonderful and truly cares about the individuals she treats through her kind and thorough care. Our family has been seeing her for 5 years. For most of my adulthood I thought headaches were just something that were a part of my life that I had to suffer through. After starting adjustments with Dr. Taglio, my headaches have been almost non-existent, and that's just where we began. I had always been skeptical of chiropractic, but after seeing her and getting relief from chronic headaches, I was a believer! I also got relief from shoulder, neck & back pain, a knee problem & feet issues.

I also received prenatal chiropractic care from her for my last two pregnancies as well as post-partum, which has been fantastic as well. With my most recent baby, I had severe lower back/sacrum pain post-delivery. Upon seeing my updated X-rays, she knew exactly what I needed. Over the past couple of months everything is much better and feeling back in place! 

 Through adjustments and following her advice on orthotics, stretches and nutritional guidance, my health has never been better and has inspired me to follow my own career in wellness as a personal trainer and health coach.  

 A huge bonus is that Dr. Taglio's office is kid friendly and my children LOVE her and happily jump onto the table to be adjusted. Knowing that it is a place where we can go as a family will have us continuing for years to come. I cannot recommend her more. She is a wealth of knowledge in so many aspects of health and is a wonderful partner in my journey to being the healthiest me.


- Amy S.