Severe Migraines

"Let's point out the obvious first:

1. Dr. Taglio and I are cousins.

Before you jump to conclusions that this is a relative giving an over the top review as a favor to family,
please, give this a read first.

My youngest son (Brock) is very talented athletically. Whatever he puts his mind to, he can accomplish athletically. He has been enjoying some really great games/seasons with his soccer teams
(Loomis Revolution club soccer, and Del Oro, playing varsity as a sophomore), and starting to learn to play the game of volleyball very well.

In soccer, he was simply a force. Not the only force, as he plays with many equally talented players, but he was definitely a force that could dominate his position on the field. And in life in general. A great attitude, very positive, and doing exceptionally well in school.

And then, it all came to an abrupt end. How abrupt? Overnight. In October of 2013, my son, Brock was playing in the last Del Oro varsity soccer home game of the season, with two more away games to end the season. After the last home game, Brock never returned to school, and rarely made it out of bed. He experienced all of the following:-intense migraine headaches

-intense muscle and joint pain
-numbness in lower legs and at times reported that he could not feel his legs.

He missed the complete remainder of the fall school schedule never returning once to school.

As a parent, you can relate to what that would do to your world...having your son or daughter going through this kind of experience, and not seeing any improvement, period. We literally saw our son's physical, mental, and spiritual health declining rapidly before us.

We got the MRI. Negative. We got the CatScan. Negative. We got the drugs...brutal, which barely dulled the pain and advanced our son to a zombie state of mind. (I must give a plug for a wonderful acupuncturist who was the first person to bring some relief to Brock: Michele Pouliot, L.Ac, in Auburn. I highly recommend Michele).

And then, Dr. Taglio. I will use the word "miracle." Not in the sense that I believe that she performed a miracle herself, but in that through her approach, through her focused process and through much prayer by our family, Dr. Taglio pinpointed the issue and no exaggeration, transformed my son's life in a 15 minute session. Yes, she was the instrument who worked the miracle.

It was not during Brock's first session. I do not wish to mislead. We probably have had between 10-20 sessions with Hilary overall. I will say, during Brock's first session, she spotted something immediately that no other physician had. She was able to see that something in Brock's spine was badly misaligned. She took X-rays to "prove" it, and show us some things that she firmly believed were causing Brock's physical issues. After that first night, Brock found some relief from pain, and he began to get a bit of optimism back. However, for the next few months, it was a roller coaster ride in every sense. Some relief and some progress, but then setbacks and return to intense pain and zombie like condition.

On March 11, 2014, at approximately 6pm, Dr. Taglio made a miraculous discovery in Brock that had been hiding itself. His skull had been nearly knocked off the atlas joint (excuse my chiropractic illiteracy) and she was able to work it back into place.

It is NO exaggeration to say that may son immediately transformed from his zombie state on March 11, 2014, and back into the person that we had known him to be prior to October 2013.

MIRACLE is extremely accurate and not an overstatement. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Taglio's dedication to her profession, for her passion to utilize all of her skills and knowledge to restore hope to our son and our family.

While we have received great care from other healthcare professionals, Dr. Taglio has no equal.

(Let me note, that from the beginning, Dr. Taglio was very straight forward and was careful to point out that she could not guarantee any miraculous outcomes. She would only guarantee that she would do all in her power to discover and resolve the issues she could find. Even if that meant eventually recommending another path to take). "

-Todd H., (Brock's Dad)