The Gonstead Difference

Chiropractic For Natural Healing

Chiropractic is a natural method of healing founded upon the premise that when spinal bones are functioning in normal motion and position, the central nervous system can deliver its vital energy for the proper function of the body's tissues, organs and systems. With this philosophy, Chiropractic is not simply treatment for pain. When the body's structures become misaligned or out of balance, dysfunction results, causing pain and interference within the nervous system, ultimately affecting your health.

Chiropractic focuses on finding and correcting the cause of conditions and dysfuntion, rather than treating the symptoms. While chiropractic addresses all aspects of health, the neurological system is the most important as it controls everything in your body. Chiropractic restores movement and function to the body and nerve system, allowing your body to heal itself of conditions and function at an optimal level of health.

Maintaining the health of your spine is important, after goals have been reached and your initial spinal problems have been corrected. By getting a regular spinal check once a month or so, you are not only maintaining the progress you have made, but also preventing your problem from returning. Maintenance care has been shown to be the most cost effective; it costs less (in the long run) to maintain the health of your spine.


What is the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique?

The Gonstead system of analysis uniquely emphasizes specificity, as it applies to which vertebrae is adjusted and in which direction. Rather than a more global approach, where any or all levels of involvement are adjusted on the same visit, Gonstead adjustments are directed at specifically selected levels of involvement for maximum restoration and balance of function. Balance and stability in the spine may be restored when the body's foundation (legs, pelvis and vertebrae) are level. Gonstead adjustments target unleveling, vertebral misalignments, dysfunctional movement and nerve dysfunction.  

The Gonstead System utilizes several methods of examination to analyze several factors, to isolate where the problem lies within the spine, pelvis and intervertebral discs as well as neurological manifestations of vertebral subluxation and the health of the body as a whole. Full spine radiography is an important assessment tool in the Gonstead system, utilizing line measurements to assess positions of vertebrae and the pelvis to direct an appropriate precise adjustment to the levels involved.